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I went to this salon for a color correction consultation. I met with Daniel, he was so nice and he even offered to fix it right then, I was surprised seeing how super busy they all were. He set me up with Laura.
I went in there with a bad bad full highlight job that was blotchy, all different shades of orange blonde lets just say a "Hot mess"
Laura put an all over color then went back added nice highlights toned then and did a haircut.
I left there with a new head with what I came in with its amazing what she was able to do. I will still need to go back again in six weeks for another process but I love my hair not to mention is all nice and soft again. Thanks so much!
I highly recommend Laura ! This is a wonderful salon they all do great!
Lara, 2014

They are as good as all these reviews say! I found the salon here on Yelp, I'm always nervous to try a new salon as I am very picky with my hair color (I've had some major disasters in the past) Well... Daniel got it spot on the first time!! Absolute perfection!! All that brassiness ~ gone! Perfect highlights, lowlights, roots, style! And they are very fun and gracious. You can tell everyone enjoys working here, and just like someone else said, I was treated like a regular on my first visit. If you have hard to color hair, I highly recommend Salon Tease!
Susie, 2012

Last week I went to Salon Tease for a makeover....What a success!!!! I learned some valuable make up tricks from David & Sir Daniel colored & glossed my boring reddish brown wooly hair into dark chocolate silk!!!! My husband said I looked "Bewitching"..... between my amazing new sultry eyes & sexy silky hair i FEEL 10 YEARS YOUNGER and I look it! That to me is worth every penny of cost because it is true you get what you pay for!!!! I will drive to Naples & I am from Boca Raton where we have fab salons yet I never got a result like I did at Salon Tease...The whole staff was Awesome & Sir Daniel & David are true professionals as well as being fun to be with. I am looking forward to my next trip there!!!
Roxanne - 2013

Amazing service, even more amazing hair. I was treated like a regular even though it was my first visit. They were friendly And very attentive to what I wanted done with my highlights. I appreciate such a personal experience when it comes to my hair and I think any girl would agree. My hair looks PERFECT. I can't rave enough about the look. :) salon was clean and fresh and every customer around seemed just as pleased as I was. Amazing job highly recommend, I will be back again and again. Thanks for the great job.
Tiffany - 2012

Salon Tease is by the best salon in Naples, Florida. I have no doubt about the fact that the expertise of Sir Daniel, David, and the rest of the staff is the only reason my hair was salvaged. I had a massive knot in my hair, so extreme that it had rendered the rest of my scalp and remaining untangled hair quite weak. When I called, they immediately got me in gave me many options after the consultation. David took all his time, fantastic effort, brilliant expertise, and an exorbitant amount of patience to sit there for six hours and work at saving my hair. It is only due to this salon and it's amazingly talented staff that I am in the position I am now. I don't know what I could have done without them. Another aspect they excel at is not making me feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, or judged. When I went in, I was a bit on edge due to my own self-consciousness about the fact that I let my hair get so bad before I did anything about it. I expected (due to my own projection of course), to be made to feel like an imbecile and to be berated for not acting sooner, but the exact opposite occurred. They were so understanding, so sincere, and so kind that I felt at ease. I owe them quite a lot, and I have nothing but the utmost respect for them both. They are truly magnificent.
Aastha, 2014

This was a delightful experience and I had the best hair color and cut ever! This is a fantastic value! From the moment you walk in the door you are treated like a queen. The entire staff is involved in your hair decisions from color to cut and style. They have the best coffee in town. Just delighted with this salon and will definitely go back. Every season it has been a struggle to get a quality hair experience and Salon Tease exceeded all my expectations. Yelp is a fantastic resource to help you get the best quality and value for the services you need.
Eileen, 2011

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